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BASED RIGHT WING WEEB 2.0 · @ShioriYuki6565
4 hours
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Janusz · @spark
5 hours
So? The #NBA and #NFL are too black.
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Kay Pak · @parka410
7 hours
People, you don't need to relate to anybody in a spin class. You're riding a bike that doesn't move for crying out loud. Who cares?...
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LibsRNuts · @LibsAreNuts
12 hours
*****  BULLETIN  *****
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Jeremiah Coombs · @JeremiahCoombs
11 hours
It has been 8 months since this diversity hire Somalian imbecile shot and killed a white woman who had called the police to her home to report a suspicious prowler. When the woman approached the police car, this idiot shot past the driver to kill her with no warning.
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ANON · @anon_y2k18
7 hours
Officer Mohamed Noor, 31, who allegedly killed 40-year-old Justine Damond of Minneapolis in July was booked into Hennepin County jail at 11:16 a.m., according to the Minnesota Star Tribune
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☠ Steve · @DemonTwoSix
18 hours
Ban boxes! Ban overnight shipping!
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Viki Lauda · @VikiLauda
14 hours
Forgive my British ignorance, but are there "anti-bomb" laws in America?  
If not we should all protest for strict bomb control. Now where is Mr Hogg!?
Hello CNN please ban bombs NOW!
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Hollian · @nightwish
20 hours
Another bomb, this time near San Antonio at Fed ex.
If he's gonna go through all that trouble, couldn't he have sent it to Amazon's facility? 
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Don · @Don
21 hours
You know, it's pretty funny that the anti-Trump and anti-Brexit Facebook is being eaten alive by anti-Trump and anti-Brexit people, now that it's been revealed that they allowed Trump & Brexit campaigners to use the same techniques that got Obama elected.
Especially seeing as they all lauded Obama as "groundbreaking" when he did it.
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Microchip · @Microchip
14 hours
The pile on is happening.
#DeleteFacebook is trending: Here's how to delete your Facebook account
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🐸 Michael Doyle! 🇺🇸 · @md3inaustin
14 hours
#DeleteFacebook is trending: Here's how to delete your Facebook account: 
Facebook's Zuckerberg Embarrassed By Private IMs Calling Users "dumb f*cks" for "trusting him" with their private data: http://www.businessinsider.com/embarrassing-and-damaging-zuckerberg-ims-confirmed-by-zuckerberg-the-new-yorker-2010-9 
#News #Politics #FakeNews #MSM #GAB #GabFam #SocialMedia #Q #QAnon #SpeakFreely #MAGA
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Andrew Torba · @a
16 hours
Teen suicide is soaring. Do spotty mental health and addiction treatment share blame?
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kelly · @haremesc
1 day
white boys suicide is up 70%.....this is what white guilt has done
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Bombard · @Bombard
19 hours
Mental professionals blame all but the culture attacking White Male kids&avoid stating that its white males on the rise. The blame culture of all things white is bad is a huge culprit.
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Andrew Torba · @a
16 hours
Facebook stock tanks after FTC said to probe use of personal data, UK summons Zuckerberg for questioning
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Ghost · @PoliticsGhost
7 hours
This couldn't have happened to a bigger scumbag.
So much for Mark Zuckerberg 2020, huh?
Hopefully, this is the end of #Facebook for good!
#LULZ #Ghost
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J.C., the Palmetto State Conservative · @MartyGraw
15 hours
😂  Fuck the Zuck.  
Die, Facebook, die.
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PrisonPlanet · @PrisonPlanet
17 hours
A YouTuber has been convicted by a UK court of being “grossly offensive” over a video in which he trained his pet dog to do a Nazi salute and now faces prison time.
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Christine · @ChristineML1
16 hours
UK barely recognizable as a free country anymore
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Peter MacNeil · @realmacneil
9 hours
What the hell is going on in Europe? A combination of drugs in the water and subliminal messages on TV? They have surrendered to PC (which includes the Medieval muffins). 
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Curator_Sarm · @Curator_Sarm
1 day
Catalogue: #arabia 0231

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michael williams · @mwill
19 hours
"A British sniper has killed a senior ISIS fighter with a 'one in a million' night-time shot from nearly a mile away, it has been claimed."
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Barbara E · @DeplorableBarbara
1 day

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AliK · @TulipGirl
1 day
Yup, it's Antifa practicing for starting a civil war. 
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Blitzccraig · @Blitzccraig
1 day
In a related story, Police Uncover Antifa-Linked High-Explosives, Chemicals, and Mobile Bomb Factory  -- Coincidence ? Nah - The FBI will step up their investigation by asking the bombers to "please call us"
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Christopher Cantwell · @Cantwell
1 day
With hate speech banned and the borders wide open, Antifa in Germany only escalate their violence.
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Andrew Torba · @a
1 day
Facebook shares are tanking this morning 
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Overton · @TheOvertonWindow
1 day
Zuck is Fucked!
Facebook going down in flames! BURN!!!
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Greg · @AnewThomasPaine
1 day
Facebook is being exposed as manipulating data.

But user engagement is WAY down ever since they started censoring conservatives. This was bound to happen.

Censorship is bad for social media business.